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7 Powerful Techniques for Creating Life By Design



*Meaning: Whatever you say materializes itself.

When you open your mouth to speak, there are limitless possibilities of what you could say. There are limitless ways to describe the experience you’re having.

But beware... language is like clay in a sculptor’s hands: words will shape your life, for better or for worse.

“My time is my most valuable asset so I'm very purposeful in how I spend it. After investing one day participating in Niurka's Supreme Influence event, I’m grateful to have been part of the incredible energy, powerful techniques, and authentic community that was present in the space that Niurka creates. I’m appreciative of the powerful practices that I've been able to integrate not only in my business but in my life, which caused it to be the most powerful Communication training I've ever been to!”
- Jesse Weinberg

#1 Sales Team Nationwide (from more than 100,000 agents)
Jesse Weinberg & Associates, Keller Williams Real Estate

Your Words Are Your Reality

What would you hear if you listened to yourself for an entire day?

People speak all the time... but only a few realize how their thoughts, emotions, and words manifest themselves in the outside world.

Simply put: your words become your life.The words you choose influence your perception and shape your reality.

You communicate in many ways... and with improved communication skills, you can change your entire experience.

“Niurka is a trustworthy guide who takes you to the root (CORE) of what it means to be authentic. She sets before you a rich banquet of wise choices for manifesting your highest potential. Her artful mix of methods is a wondrous investigation into the source and importance of how to uncover your innate strength, confidence, and joy under all of life’s circumstances. By applying them, you will find the freedom of being your true self”
- Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder and Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center; Creator, Life Visioning Process; Author, Spiritual Liberation

7 Techniques To Become A Master of Influence

Most psychologists agree - by the time a child is 8 years old they’ve had over 25,000 hours of exposure to language penetrating into their subconscious mind, pulling strings one way or another.

From the time you were born you were susceptible to beliefs, conversations, and expectations of your family and society.

You were imprinted with ideas about money, marriage, God, what you should and shouldn’t do; concepts about who you are, and what is or isn’t possible.

These ideas run in your heads like muffled tape loops. They fuel your behavior and drive your life, until you…WAKE UP!

This One Day Event will give you 7 techniques that’ll protect you from negative influences – and will empower you on your journey to discover and embody who you really are.

Come join us, and be one step closer to living in Supreme Influence – instead of being influenced.

“I have graduated from all of Niurka's courses and throughout each one, I have witnessed firsthand the profound transformations in myself and in her students. Niurka's ability to lead transformation is masterful. Her teachings will help you develop a stronger practice. This One Day event will help you become a better, more confident, and more skilled healer. It will help you realize that all the power that ever was and ever will be is within you now.”
- Marilag Mendoza

World Renowned Master Pranic Healer
Pranic Healing USA

In this One Day Training Event you’ll...

  • Inspire relationships with people who will cooperate with you to co-create value, beauty, and prosperity,
  • Learn to navigate high-level negotiations successfully, in a way where everyone involved feels honored. This is the same strategy the world's greatest peace negotiators use. This one technique alone could transform your communication with EVERYONE in your life!
  • Receive a technique that’s at least 100 times more powerful than affirmations to rewire your brain to start noticing and creating exactly what you desire,
  • Learn how to use language to create empowering states in others and yourself – like confidence, clarity and calmness,
  • Develop keen awareness to notice subtle shifts in verbal and nonverbal communication (brilliance in communication means mastering subtleties),
  • Develop awareness and skill to understand another person’s map of the world —so you can see, hear, and feel from their perspective. This will give you insight on how to effectively speak into their listening style,
  • Motivate yourself to take consistent, focused action toward your goals,
  • Raise the vibration of your communication. Communicate more congruently than ever before,
  • Experience ultimate freedom that comes with living a genuine life. The freedom to be yourself and to speak your truth without fear.
“Language creates your material reality.”
- Deepak Chopra, MD

Learn 7 Powerful Techniques to Embody Your Infinite Potential

What People are Saying

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Invest One Day with us and RISE to Your Next Level of SUCCESS & FULFILLMENT by Practicing 7 Techniques of Supreme Influence – Making Your Communication More Effective!


“A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Shouting from the rooftops. I was exposed to Niurka for the first time yesterday at her Supreme Influence 1-Day Event. Far beyond anything I could ever imagine. Content rich and presented by what my friend Brad calls "a freakin’ Jedi" - because she really IS! Thank you, Niurka for sharing from the depths of your soul. It was extraordinary!”
- Linda Hodge

The One-Day Event offers you 7 actionable techniques that will immediately make a profound difference in your life.


“What a powerful day! It was an amazing experience. Thank you Niurka for all you do to inspire us with your dynamic teachings. My life has been transformed. I never used to meditate. I didn’t know how. But now meditation is a daily practice. It grounds me and centers me. It allows me to hone in on my intuition and self-realization”
- Shamila Uvais

It’s also an incredible opportunity for growth, and for connecting with super amazing people committed to living at the highest level of excellence!


“WOW, Niurka’s 1-day event was incredible!!! The audience was fully engaged, incredible content. Pure gold nuggets! I witnessed many transformations today including my own.”
- Marcos Orozco


Here are a few more highlights of what you’ll learn:


*Create Understanding (and Alignment) In Any Relationship (even if it appears like you don’t see eye-to-eye)


George Bernard Shaw said: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” At this training, you’ll learn a technique to effectively translate your thoughts into words so you can have authentic understanding.

Once you learn this you’ll be more aware of how others receive your communication, and you’ll know how to frame your language to minimize misinterpretations and maximize alignment.


* Break Any Bad Habit In Minutes & Integrate The Behavior You Want aka. “The New Behavior Generator” Technique


Learn the technique legendary entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists apply to create their results in advance – well before achieving them.

Niurka will teach, demonstrate, and walk you through an extremely potent technique that’ll transform any negative habit on the spot! Plus you’ll learn how to integrate any new, desired behavior into your life. You’ll even get Niurka’s custom script for success! (These scripts are usually only released in our advanced courses).

If you’ve had trouble breaking a bad habit, or adopting a new, desirable behavior, here’s your opportunity to finally put it in place for good.

What bad habit do you want to eliminate?

  • Do you procrastinate?
  • Do you second-guess yourself?
  • Do you sometimes snap at people you love?
  • Do you emotionally eat?
  • Have you been negative, critical, or judgmental of others (or even yourself!)?

What new habit do you want?

For some it’s meeting new people easily, or perhaps making business calls in an empowered state.

For others it’s meditation, yoga, consistent exercise, eating healthy. For others it’s saving money. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you want to go – this technique will put you on the right path and keep you on it.


* A Simple 3-Step Formula For Asking Questions That Inspires Action


Einstein asked, “What would happen if I rode a beam of light?”

Walt Disney asked, “How can I create the happiest place on Earth?

Steve Jobs asked, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

Clear questions like these lead to very different results than a question like, “What do I have to do today."

The quality of the questions you ask determines your results.

Simply put…when you ask better questions, you get better results.

This one teaching alone will help you understand other people’s point of view more clearly so you can easily connect with anyone, anytime. It’ll also help you access empowering states within yourself so that you show up clear, fearless, and with an open heart.

Register Now and Receive Free Bonuses

Free Bonus #1:


NIURKA - SUPREME INFLUENCE (hard-cover) ($24 Value)

This 300-page book is the perfect complement to the Live Supreme Influence 1-Day Training Event.

You'll read about Niurka's inspiring journey of discovery from her “quest for freedom” at age 15, to where she is today as a transformational leader and communication expert.

Along the way she reveals the key concepts and techniques that form the basis of your ability to influence with precision, purpose and power... and also love!

When you receive this book, you'll hold in your hands a Road Map for changing your life and living in Supreme Influence.

“Supreme Influence provides concrete guidance on how to create an exceptional life through the power of language. Niurka’s story and expertise offer us a road map for our own spiritual growth and personal development. This book artfully guides us to awaken to our authentic power."
- Gabrielle Bernstein

New York Times Bestselling Author of May Cause Miracles
Named “a next-generation thought leader” by Oprah Winfrey

“Awesome book that everyone needs to read!”
- John Assaraf

Serial Entrepreneur, Brain Researcher, & CEO, PraxisNow New York Times Bestselling Author of Having It All and The Answer

“The teachings in Supreme Influence will harmonize perfectly with your own intuitive common sense. That’s how you know the author is speaking truth."
- Caroline Myss

New York Times Bestselling Author of Anatomy of Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can,
Sacred Contracts, Invisible Acts of Power, Entering The Castle,
Defy Gravity, and Archetypes: Who Are You?



HOW TO LET GO & BE FREE A Teaching, Guided Meditation & Riveting Interview (4-PART AUDIO SET) ($97 Value)

In this audio set, Niurka offers insights and techniques to help you Let Go and Be Free of anything that no longer serves you.

You’ll learn a simple practice to transform negative thoughts, hurtful emotions, attachments, or anything else that takes you out of your power.


You’ll learn how to heal relationships through forgiveness. Plus, you’ll learn what you can do right now to love, accept, and fully forgive and love yourself.

This audio teaching brings you closer to authentically being at peace within yourself and everything in life.

You’ll realize – who you are is greater than circumstance.





Everything you could ever want to accomplish requires cooperative relationships, based on clear and purposeful communication.

In this teaching, Niurka shares real stories illustrating how to do this. You'll get a set of “word tools” empowering you to communicate with greater purpose and power than ever before!

You’ll become more aware of how your words affect your reality. This teaching will help you choose only empowering thoughts and words, transforming every relationship in your life.

Plus, you'll get daily practices to create and attract exactly the kinds of cooperative relationships you want - such as business partners who help speed your growth and move you closer toward achieving your dreams.



THE GROUNDING GOLDEN-SUN MEDITATION A Dynamic Guided Visualization Meditation (Audio) ($33 Value)

Negative states, such as stress and anxiety, can drain you, leaving you feeling weak and susceptible to unwanted influences.

Niurka's potent guided meditation gives you a quick and easy way to master your mental and emotional state, so you are in control.

This calming meditation will refresh your mind, while relaxing and energizing your body. It’ll help you think more clearly, and it’ll empower you to take focused action toward your goal.

You'll also receive instructions on how you can practice this meditation daily.




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